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10 Desert Destinations You Can't Miss in Arizona

Arizona is overflowing with natural wonders, and truly has something unique to offer for everyone. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, photographer, hiker, swimmer, or just enjoy soaking up some sun–Arizona has something for you. These 10 destinations are diamonds in the rough, or more like diamonds in the sand… 1) Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyo[...]

To the Woman About to Travel the World Alone

You are about to chase the world, chase adventure, and chase pain. You might come back, you might not. You will explore ancient temples and run around with gelato in one hand and an Italian lover in the other (hopefully)! You will learn to believe that luke-warm is no good, and that culture and street food and local people are the essence of experience. You [...]

The ultimate Travelettes Packing List for India

Before my recent 10-day trip to India there were a lot of questions to be asked. Why would you go there? Is it safe? Why are you taking that risk? - those were the questions my mum was asking. Which vaccinations should I get? How to avoid biting monkeys? What will I eat that is not too spicy? - that would be my best friend, who was going to join me. And[...]

Travel: The Ultimate Tattoo Inspiration

You either love them or hate them, but whatever your stance is on tattoos, you can't deny the beauty of them. As a piece of artwork on your skin and a living memorabilia of a time or journey that you want to remember forever, tattoos are personal to the human canvas who wears them proudly on their skin. And with travel bringing about so many incredible e[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Becoming a Travel Blogger

The world of travel blogging is a whimsical one that is often shrouded in questions: How do I become a travel blogger? Where do I begin? How do I earn money? How do I gain a following? How do I earn free travel? To be a full-time travel blogger is to be greeted with eyebrow raises as your career borders on mythical, as people try to wrap their mind aroun[...]

How should we teach our children to travel?

I estimate I only have a few months of swearing and cursing left. Possibly less. My baby is due any day now and I'm told language skills will start to develop pretty much from day one and that within six months there's a small chance the baby will be making sounds that could be words. So, ideally, I don't want those first words to be the kind that would [...]

10 Ways to do Summer right

Today I want to talk about the weather. Not something I usually do unless I'm getting sucked into awkward small talk or I'm cold. Which, truth to be told, I am about 97% of the time since I moved from Cape Town to Hamburg. Exceptions are when I am at Bikram yoga or wearing my wetsuit. But today I want to talk about a different kind of weather as we have a he[...]

A Letter to the Ghosts of Travel Friends Past

In many ways, the collapse of our friendship feels like a one night stand where I play the part of the overtly romantic person who seems to think our exchange meant the world and you play the role of the one who woke up early and simply walked away. I know it’s more complicated than that – as most things in life tend to be – but to have traveled toget[...]

24 Tips On How To Travel On A Budget

I like to think that I’m quite well-educated in the art of travelling on a budget. Some call it ‘travelling on a shoestring’, but I like to call it being super smart with my money and making that dollar stretch as far as I can. Stretch it till it screams! A couple of pounds saved here or there can mount up to an amount that can aid you in more adven[...]

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