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The Travelettes Book Launch Party in Berlin

After 6 months of writing, editing and then editing some more, we were so happy and proud to finally be able to celebrate the launch of our new book "In High Heels um die Welt" with all our friends at Sing Blackbird in Berlin last night. This was a time to have a drink or two (thanks Veltins, Held Vodka and Fountain of Youth for providing them!), chat about [...]

Must-read for the summer - the Travelettes book!

Attention! Attention! We have an announcement to make! (insert drum roll) We are over the moon and very happy to let you know that we wrote a book: In High Heels um die Welt. It's called "In High Heels um die Welt" which is German for Around the world in high heels. The Travelettes and a few of their girlfriends have assembled 33 of their funniest, cr[...]

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