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Meet the Travelettes: A life and travel update

When your team is scattered all over the planet like the Travelettes are, it's sometimes a little hard to keep each other in the loop about current projects and life in general. So when I recently started messaging the girls for a life update, I thought why not let you guys take part in it, too. The seven of us are always on the run as you'll see, but I was [...]

10 things men should know about female solo travelers.

I got the inspiration for this article at Berlin Airport, where I got approached by some random guy that firstly declared his love for me at the ticket machine – how romantic! – then proceeded to follow me claiming he wanted to “lick my brains to Cotton Eye Joe” – could he have picked a worse song to lick my brains to? It may be fair to say that I do attr[...]

Travelette of the Month: Annika Ziehen

Today I am going to introduce you to another one of our very own Travelettes: Annika. She is a bit of a German, New York, South African hybrid having lived in all these places long enough to call them home. Currently, she is back in her home turf, Cape Town, to escape the Hamburg winter, spend Christmas with her family there and dive with Cape Seals. An[...]

Travelette of the Month: Phoebe Nygren

We want you to get to know us better, so we thought why not introduce you to a new team member each month – and what would fit better, than our ‘Travelette of the Month’ series? November’s Travelette of the month is Phoebe Nygren, the newest edition to our Travelettes team. An all American girl, who has down handstands in over 37 countries and recently reloc[...]

5 Female Instagrammers you should follow

Have you ever found yourself voluntarily missing a call because you were too busy scrolling down Instagram? Well, I am ashamed to admit I have. More than once, actually. This social network has been one of my hobbies lately. I ended my RoundTheWorld trip a few months ago, and the come-back home has not been easy. I miss living out of a backpack, meeting new [...]

Travelette of the Month: Kathi Kamleitner

As you know, there is not just one, but ten Travelettes sharing their stories, pictures and advice on this blog on a regular basis. Each and every one of them comes with her own set of skills and interests, and of course, an interesting story. We want you to get to know us better, so we thought why not introduce you to a new team member each month - and what[...]

Welcome our TWO new Travelettes!

Remember, when back in October we announced that we were looking for a new Travelette to join our team? Well, overwhelmed by the response the selection process took a little longer than expected. Almost 200 applications came flooding into our office; they added up to almost 200 short stories, 1,000 travel photographs and over 80,000 words to read. You don't [...]

WANTED: Are you the 10th Travelette?

5 years of Travelettes.net, 1,200 published posts, 16,000 comments, 65,000 Facebook fans, 100,000 monthly readers, 19,000 Instagram followers and 6,500 Twitter friends, but only 9 Travelettes. We somehow feel that this number doesn't suit us too well and would like to make our team complete with a 10th regular editor. Could it be you? Of course we [...]

Introducing our Travelette Bestival Reporter!

With the end of summer looming in the UK, the only way we Travelettes could help ease the blues is by providing the fantastic opportunity to be our guest Travelettes reporter for the ultimate cool festival: Bestival! We ran a competition for one lucky reader to score press passes and we had a number of excellent applications for this, making it a toughie to [...]

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