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Aussies speak Australian, NOT English

When moving to Australia from England, the Australian accent and language didn’t even factor as a problem. We all speak the same language, right? It’s not like I’m moving to Spain or Italy where I would truly be isolated by my lack of foreign language. I was never a star pupil in my foreign language class at school so it made sense for me to move to a [...]

Do's and don'ts for traveling abroad

When going abroad, I think it is important to be polite and behave according to local customs, but every now and then a blunder happens. Something like giving thumbs up (a don't in Brazil and the middle east) and waving at your friends with an open palm (in Greece) can be the source of misunderstanding and offend the locals.  After reading an article about [...]

A Visa for Australia

Visas. Sometimes they're easy to obtain, sometimes they're an enigma which need plenty of chasing, and sometimes they're not required and you can waltz straight off the plane without a care in the world! I'm pretty good with forward-planning and organisation as my Thailand visa was extended well before i packed my toothbrush, my Indonesian border-run was [...]

An ode to Christchurch

A devastating  6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand's bustling city, Christchurch, on February 22nd 2011. News coverage dominated all Australian television and the reports drove in how devastating the damage was: 300 were reported missing and the damage is estimated to be between $10 - $12 billion. Rescue workers worked hard to reach buried survivors a[...]

How to smuggle some extra couple of kilos on board of Ryanair

You are just on your way back from a shopping trip to London and you're decked in with new clothes. Or maybe you're traveling to visit old friends you want to treat to some lovely gifts. Or maybe you really just want to bring the big novel you've been reading but in all the above cases there is one problem: the Ryanair Handluggage allowance of a pityful 10kg[...]

Old suitcases as charming storage space

It must be something to do with winter, but recently I have been obsessing over home and design blogs, saving lots of articles and pictures as inspiration for my own living quarter. The other day I came across an idea presented by apartment therapy which I instantly fell in love with, a true deco gem for any travelette. Using old suitcases as storage spac[...]

Travel for a good cause

Let's be honest: when we travel, we do it mostly for ourselves. We travel to get out of our daily rut, to see and experience fascinating things and places, to make new friends, eat good food or just to treat ourselves with something nice. Just imagine you could do all of these things - and contribute to charity at the same time? There's always the option [...]

Things to do with your travel photos

Having just finished a 2-month trip around Central America, my computer now is in possession of 2.493 more pictures. Wonderful, lovely memories that will last a lifetime and that I cannot wait to show to my friends and family, but what's the best way to present them? An online photo gallery? A stack of prints? Or are there maybe more original ways of showing[...]

How to save money for traveling

Solo traveler recently posted an article on saving money to sponsor your travels and came up with some good suggestions such as emptying your wallet each night of all change to save in your travel piggy bank or to sell your stuff on Ebay. This inspired us to share with you how we generate the extra cash needed to finance our travels. After a little Q&[...]

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