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The art of solo travel & publishing my first book

This is not a guide on how to get a book published. I said it first because I wanted to get that out of the way. As much as I would like to give advice on the matter, I can't because quite frankly I don't have a clue even though I did it (you will see very soon why...). However, this is a post that will hopefully inspire you to a) solo travel b) follow your [...]

8 Tips to Becoming a Travel Writer

My foray into the world of travel writing has been a wild ride that at times leaves me exhilarated with opportunities and at other moments leaves me downtrodden when things don’t pan out as hoped. Even with a degree in journalism under my belt, I am always learning new tricks when it comes to pitching editors, networking with other travelers and getting my[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Becoming a Travel Blogger

The world of travel blogging is a whimsical one that is often shrouded in questions: How do I become a travel blogger? Where do I begin? How do I earn money? How do I gain a following? How do I earn free travel? To be a full-time travel blogger is to be greeted with eyebrow raises as your career borders on mythical, as people try to wrap their mind aroun[...]

Our 6 favorite indie travel magazines

I love the internet, its unpredictability, its seemingly inexhaustible wealth of ideas, new talent - and weirdness. But sometimes, just sometimes, I love myself a good old physical magazine that filters out some of the best bits of it. There's nothing like a good indie magazine with its thick pages, bold narratives and beautifully designed pages. So witho[...]

How to be a better Travel Writer

I've always thought that being a good writer largely depends on getting some kind of superhuman inspiration from outer space. I thought it's something that magically happens once you want it badly enough. In 2014, I know that this has been one of the dumbest assumptions everrrr. During three years of journalism school, I didn't really learn how to be a good[...]

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