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To the newlywed who loves to travel...

In her book You Won't Remember This – travel with babies author and travel writer Sandy Bennett-Haber rounded up a collection of short stories about all facets of traveling with a baby - the good, the bad and the ugly. Here, Sandy shares with us what it's like to transition from adventurous solo traveler to globetrotting mom who explores the world with [...]

The truth about traveling with a baby - All questions answered

When I said I wanted to travel with Nolan - who was six months old at the time - as soon as he had his vaccinations, I was called crazy, mad, and given these side glances or ironic looks saying 'good luck with that'. But truth be told: the more I was ridiculed the more I wanted to do it.  Is it possible to travel with a 6-month-old baby? Is it difficu[...]

How to travel with a baby

When I first let people know that I was having a baby, there seemed to be one phrase on everyone's lips: "Oh, you will have to stop traveling then." I was usually pretty quick to tell them that this would hardly be the case. Why would a baby stop me from seeing the world? I think the whole point of having children is to show it to them! I believe that more t[...]

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