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10 Apps to make 2017 an Awesome year for Travel

Even if it feels as though the world is getting worse in many ways, it's really important to remember that what we see on the news isn't the whole story. Everywhere in the world, things are improving, progress is being made in a million different ways - and nowhere more so than in the world of technology. Our phones and tablets, often the subject of so much[...]

Meeting people on the road - with an app

Being on the road all by yourself feels amazing - at least most of the time. Unfortunately, there will come a moment though, when you suddenly realise that traveling alone also means, that you are, well, alone. Unless you stay in a 12-bed hostel dorm in a city frequented by the coolest backpackers out there, and especially when you are not the most outgoing[...]

How to buy a used camera online

'New is always better' - or, at least, so they say. Let me in on a little secret - they are wrong. Sometimes used or second-hand is just as good (or even better). For example, when you compare a brand-new dress from a retail chain, which somehow every other girl on the street is sporting too, to a unique vintage dress from the 1970s; or that veteran road t[...]

The Travelettes Guide to City Tripping

I'm afraid, something really bad is going to happen soon. I think the sun and the moon and Earth have joined up and are planning a terrible coup: the end of summer. As the last rays of sunlight kiss my face, slowly making space for the icy winds of northern winter nights, I remember the adventures this summer has brought me. I want to go back to South Tyrol [...]

Keeping your gadgets safe and stylish

When traveling, we usually carry some form of technology that requires a bit of care. We carry all sorts of gadgets to help us stay in contact with family at home and friends scattered around the globe. Not to mention we have to carry our beautiful cameras to capture all the worldly scenes we encounter. The thought of hearing that dreaded *CRUNCH* when thump[...]

Top Technology To Travel With

Knowing what technology to take on an overseas trip can sometimes be a bit of a confusing and intimidating affair. You may be someone who wants to take a break from the hum of the digital world on your trip so aren't concerned about keeping in touch with emails and Instagram, but if you're keen on staying plugged in whilst tripping around the world, sometime[...]

DIY Sunday - Floating Back for your GoPro Camera

Last year my GoPro camera went on a little tour to go on an discover the depths of the Atlantic ocean and was never again to be seen. In other words: I lost it. It happened during a minor surf accident when my camera fell in the water and disappeared within seconds. It wasn't even a week old. To expand the lifetime of my new GoPro camera, I decided to build [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Traveling with a DSLR

Just like any other passionate photographer and part-time traveler I have asked myself this question several times: which camera to bring on my next trip? Should I go for the handy point-and-shoot camera that fits in my pocket or stick with my bulky and heavy DSLR which takes way better pictures. The ideal situation would we that you had both, but depending [...]

Meet Knäppa, the eco-friendly digital camera

Photo via inspirefirst.com We here at Travelettes love both photography and being green, and Ikea must be a kindred spirit because they’ve combined the two and created an eco-friendly digital camera. This clever device, which has been dubbed Knäppa, is made almost entirely of cardboard and after 40 photos it can be thrown away with all your normal recycl[...]

Carry your house on your back

So you know we like tents and alternative accommodation here at Travelettes, we're also fond of packing cheats and cool inventions so when I came across a product that combines all of these I got a bit excited (queue camping geek siren); introducing the Vessel; a reversible 3-in-1 jacket that converts not only into a backpack but also a tent! Designed [...]

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