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Couples Who Travel: Savi & Vid

As you know, we have started introducing you to our favourite traveling couples and decided to make this a series. Next up in our spotlight are Savi and Vid, two urban gypsies traveling with style. Do you know another couple who is traveling the world and blogging about it? Or are you one of them? We'd love to get your input as we're always looking for n[...]

Couples who travel and blog: Michael & Alex

Earlier this month I introduced you to our first traveling couple, Clo and Clem, and told you about their off-the-beaten-track adventures. To continue this series of travel, love and blogging, meet Michael and Alex - and fall in love yourself. The picture perfect all-American duo I found Michael and Alex as I was scrolling down through my Instagram feed la[...]

Couples who Travel and Blogg: Clo & Clem

A few months ago, as I was watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in Montenegro, something happened. I looked around me, and noticed I was surrounded by couples. They looked genuinely happy, and suddenly, I felt lonely. I started wondering if I would have enjoyed this moment more if someone had been with me… And then, for a short moment, I envied them[...]

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