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Blurb - Keeping Memories in Books

When coming home from small or big trips we do so with hands full of baggage, a ton of great memories and a lifetime worth of digital photos. Back in the days, when photography was still mostly analogue, the best part of coming back from a trip was to collect the freshly developed photos from a photo store of our choice and stick them into a photo album. Thi[...]

Traveletty DIYs with Maps

I love old maps but besides displaying them as art, I just have them folded up and stored in folders or boxes. I guess the most of us had a giant world map in their teenage room to dream about foreign countries and adventures. But we have to admit: that wasn't the most stylish decor next to pine tree furniture, spice girls posters and neon teddybears. So I a[...]

10 travel gifts your friends will love

Christmas is around the corner and maybe you're wondering what you could give your friends that won't be too hard on your wallet and will still make them happy. As travelettes, naturally we prefer gifts that are travel-related. That way you encourage your buddies to go out more, see the world while being equipped with the right tools to go out and explore. [...]

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