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Inspiring Women Travelers: Kristina Paltén is running Alone through Iran

Some stories are almost too crazy to be true. I recently stumbled upon a trailer for a documentary film that was uploaded 9 months ago. Yet it couldn't be any more timely. The film tells the story of Swedish ultra-runner Kristina Paltén, who should become the first woman to ever cross Iran by foot. Let that settle for a moment. This is a woman who is not ju[...]

From Pole to Pole - around the globe with Steve Booker

Ads on YouTube are the no. 1 mood-killer when it comes to showing your favourite music clip or cat video to your best friend, right? We count the seconds until we can skip the ad, or curse loudly at the system when it's one of those 30-second-ads you can't jump... But today something happened for the first time - I actually didn't want the ad I was seeing to[...]

The Footprints We Leave Behind: Exploring the Impact of Tourism

If I close my eyes, I can still remember the first taste of that spoonful of freshly made dark chocolate. The subtle crunch of the sugar granules lending its sweetness, the slight bitter taste from the cocoa beans mixing with the smoothness of the whipped in milk. Moments ago I had seen all 3 ingredients come together like a choreographed dance–melting int[...]

The best travel and road movies

It's a flippin' freezing February here in Europe and all too often I find myself opting for an early night with friends, tea and television instead of braving the dark and flu-ridden real life out there. My current and the girls’ favourite travel movie right now is Wild. If you missed it, go watch it, it’s perfect. As for the other ideas, I’ve trie[...]

5 Films that make me want to Travel the World

I love film festivals. The atmosphere in and around the cinemas is bursting of creativity. Film buffs and journalists from every corner of the world come together to celebrate and cherish film. Filmmakers from everywhere put forward their recent works of passion. On top of some great films there are extraordinary parties to dance instead of sleep. And th[...]

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