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Linguistic adventures abroad

As a Brit living abroad my European friends & colleagues are often surprised to discover that languages are a huge passion of mine; yes stereotypically us English are not famous for our linguistic ‘flexibility’ preferring (when abroad) to continue speaking English but just LOUDER and S  L  O  W  E  R rather than trying our luck with the local lingo. [...]

Moleskine City Love

Creating, drawing, exploring, organizing, painting, recording, sharing, travelling, writing; there are endless uses for a Moleskine notepad and if you needed a reason to love them even more here it is; introducing Moleskine City guides, the first guidebook you write yourself! A Moleskine City guide is not a conventional travel guide with pre-written h[...]

How to survive the night bus

Night bus, night train, long haul flights… they all have trials and tribulations that can seriously suck but once you’ve done it once, you develop ways to endure it so allow me to share all that I have learnt… Far-flung transport travelling all have many factors in common: Delightful cramped space posing the challenge of numerous sleeping positions. You w[...]

5 Tips on Leaving and Arriving

There's few things in life I love more than travelling, among those none that can't be related back to travelling in one way or the other. Nevertheless, I do occasionally come across moments in which my excitement for going abroad is curbed by stress, anxiety and uncertainty of leaving home. I'm not even embarassed admitting this, since I know full well I'm [...]

Things to do with your travel photos

Having just finished a 2-month trip around Central America, my computer now is in possession of 2.493 more pictures. Wonderful, lovely memories that will last a lifetime and that I cannot wait to show to my friends and family, but what's the best way to present them? An online photo gallery? A stack of prints? Or are there maybe more original ways of showing[...]

The Suitcase Reinvented

Suitcases are for travelling. Usually, they are. But sometimes they can be use  for cycling, sitting on, or even a decorative house bar, as you're about to see. Wandering around the web, looking for totally non useful but amazingly beautiful vintage suitcases (as they weigh tons and airlines seem to take the 20 kg policy quite seriously) I suddenly got a [...]

8 Tips and Tricks for Planning a Successful Semester Abroad

If you love travel like we do and happen to be going to Uni, then you’ve probably already dreamed about and perhaps planned a study-abroad semester or year. There are a lot of hoops to jump through and important decisions to make. Bigger universities don’t always feel the need to explain things in detail. I’ve put together a few step-by-step tips, based [...]

Beauty SOS

Dear travelettes, Bad hair days, ugly nails, fatty hair, makeup-leftovers and a serious zombie look are some of the challenges we may encounter while traveling. This is how you can deal with it without your regular beauty products. Bad hair days tend to come more frequent while traveling, especially with hot weather and limited shower facilities. Have [...]

How to travel Norway on a budget

My dear motherland, Norway, is known as one of the world’s most expensive countries, but also one of the most beautiful (and yes, I am very objective in this case). When trying to sweet-talk Norway to people, the first thing I get asked about is if it’s true that a beer cost 10 euros and how one can afford to travel there. During my three years of studying i[...]

How to meet boys while traveling

These last days we've talked so much about romance that happens while traveling that I felt it quite appropriate to give some tips to those who maybe, would like to meet a nice boy on the road, but are not sure how to meet him. When you find yourself single and ready to mingle there are more than a few ways to go about getting out there. If this rings any[...]

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