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Dave Tomkins: Travel photography by the grandparents

When Dave Tomkins' grandfather, Stephen Clarke, moved into a nursing home in Australia, Dave helped clear out his house and came across a bunch of old slides taken all over the world. He then asked his grandfather (who never saw himself as a travel photographer) where they were taken - without success: "I got the slides scanned and took them down to show h[...]

Les Carnets de Traverse

A while ago I got a nice email from a french girl who asked me if we could do a feature on her project. I had a look at her work and was very impressed! Julie is a 31-year-old freelance graphic and web designer from Paris. When traveling she collects everything she crosses: photos, stamps, postcards, receipts, notes, underground tickets, napkins and so on to[...]

Through the eyes of Sonia Gil

Sonia Gil has a tick-tic. Every single one of her videos starts with a tick-tick and then she takes us on a journey to places all over the world. There, she shares her view of the place, a special tip or two and an inside perspective on the people living there. Sonias speaks five languages which allows her to talks to locals and find our first hand what is b[...]

Through the eyes of... Ana Cabaleiro

Even though Spanish photographer Ana Cabaleiro claims she has no idea on how to use a camera and that she has only picked up photography about 5 years ago, her photos are absolutely stunning. If you look at them you will notice, that she mainly takes pictures of people from behind, in front of a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. That way, these images giv[...]

Through the eyes of ..... Ines Amd

There are people who take pictures of things that look right. And then there are those who take pictures of things that feel right. Photographer Ines Amd is one of them and so it is, that when you look through her photos, you can't help but feel - joy, estonishment, awe, longing and quite possibly even a fair bit of jealousy for the wonderful places she's tr[...]

Through the eyes of... Teresa Berninger

I met Teresa while we were both studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary and quickly came to enjoy both her adventurous company and her quick-witted, observant photography. Though Teresa comes from a small town in the Southwest of Germany, she has traveled extensively around the world and now studying and living in Vienna, Austria. I admire Teresa's travels and [...]

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