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Six Flags: Louisiana's ghost town

Halloween might have been months ago now but that doesn't mean that we've had our spook fill for the year. What is it about an amusement park, that when abandoned, becomes a spooky place where only an eerie silence descends and the dammed roam at night? When driving through Louisana this fall en route from New Orleans to the swamp (more on that to com[...]

Coney Island, home of the hotdog

Coney Island is one of those places that time forgot; a former island and beach holiday resort for New Yorkers, not much has changed since the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster made its debut on June 26, 1927. It was misty and muggy the day I made it down to Coney Island (as the photos might show) but that didn't stop the fun of walking along the boardw[...]

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