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Gone Sea Kayaking: A Weekend in Oban

It is not often that we get an exceptionally sunny and warm Spring weekend in Scotland, but when it happens I am the first to get long for adventure. Not too long ago it was such a weekend, so my boyfriend and I rented a car and drove north. We had our minds set on a little Scottish coastal town not too far from Glasgow but special enough to get away from i[...]

A Tent for Travelettes

Camping makes my heart beat faster - bonfire, BBQs and picnics, a comfy sleeping bag, being woken up by the sun and watching a beautiful sunset over the hills. That a camping trip does not always work out that way has been stated before, but ever since I moved to the UK I realized that the cooler temperatures of the north make for a very pleasant camping exp[...]

Do Lectures Field Report: backpacking in... wellies

Travelettes, backpacking in h... oh no, wait.... better no heels this time. Preferably wellies... Yes,  better bring the wellies... A while ago we introduced you to the amazing Do Lectures, a little gathering for big ideas held in a teeny tiny tent in the middle of nowhere. Each year only a small number of attendees are invited to come - and this year Kat[...]

A Travelette's Home

Let's face it: As much as we'd love to, we simply can't be traveling all the the time. Money needs to be saved and friendships need to be cultivated. In the meantime, the only thing we can do to satisfy the traveler within is to dream of future trips and to built ourselves a home our unresting heart feels comfortable in. As a traveler, our whole life becomes[...]

Sleeping in Your Surfbag

You love surfing and the sound of the sea? You'd never leave the beach if you could? Well, this one might be for you. Two fellows, Marta and Jez, both travelers and surfers, had the idea to construct a portable home for surfers. While looking for the best waves in Australia and Indonesia, they thought about how they could develop a surfbag that dou[...]

Carry your house on your back

So you know we like tents and alternative accommodation here at Travelettes, we're also fond of packing cheats and cool inventions so when I came across a product that combines all of these I got a bit excited (queue camping geek siren); introducing the Vessel; a reversible 3-in-1 jacket that converts not only into a backpack but also a tent! Designed [...]

Star of the Camping Site - the VW T1 Tent

Your days of camping inside boring triangle or igloo-shaped tents are counted - there is a new star shining brightly from camp heaven! British Festival gear provider Firebox.com has come up with an incredibly cool tent shaped just like a full-size replica of the VW T1 - a camping legend in its own right. The tent is high enough to stand in and feature[...]

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