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5 Pointz - the heart of street art in NYC

New York is a city of superlatives – a place where everything is considered bigger, better, and brighter. It's no surprise the city is home to one of the largest street art collections in the world: 5 Pointz. While graffiti and New York may be associated with dark backstreets somewhere deep in the Bronx, this world famous street art Mecca is located in an ol[...]

See No Evil: Europe's largest street art event

72 artists. 13,000 spray cans. Europe’s largest street art event. So read the August 2011 tagline of See No Evil, an ambitious event designed to celebrate the art form that put my hometown city of Bristol on the international map. The brainchild of renowned Bristol artist Inkie, See No Evil was not so much launched last summer as fireballed into the stratosp[...]

The Little People Project

“Abandoning Little People on the Streets since 2006” is the project's slogan, which is pretty mysterious and intriguing… but when you begin exploring this little blog, The Little People Project, the adorable art and photography that take the miniature figures around the world is captivating and you can soon lose a good couple of hours trawling through the ar[...]

Travelettes Woz Ere: Street Art in Melbourne

Melbourne has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world. Prior to visiting I knew it was home to Dame Edna, the Aussie Tennis Open and a killer coffee culture. A proud member of the guidebook-free travelling generation, it was thanks to walking the streets and exploring alleyways in search of Melbourne’s finest flat white [...]

Artistic street rebellions

A revolution has been taking place on our streets and we might not even have realised. Artists have long been reclaiming public spaces as open forums to showcase their art but this new rebellion is taking street art to the next level - to the street level. . An underground guerrilla gardening project has been taking over London over the past few mont[...]

World changing street art

A couple years ago, I was walking along the Seine in Paris, and noticed that a bridge and the stonewalls by the riverbank were covered by huge eyes in black and white. I found it fascinating, but I unfortunately forgot about it. Big mistake, since the artist behind it is one of the most inspiring street artists of our time. Yes, I've heard about Banksy, but [...]

Cutting edge street art in Lisbon

A city with narrow cobbled streets and magnificent but derelict buildings is what you would normally think of when hearing about Lisbon, but the Portuguese capital is gradually turning into a huge gallery for innovative street art. On my way to downtown Baixa last year, I passed by something that surprised me, huge cranes were standing next to a block of onc[...]

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