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The Top 8 Water Activities of Australia

The summer in Australia is raging hard, fast and hot at the moment. The beauty of the glorious Aussie summer brings the stereotypical care-free and sunshine drenched beach lifestyle, but there’s no time to beach bum around. With the temperatures soaring, don’t waste time lying on the beach topping up your tan. Get involved with the hundreds of water adve[...]

Skylining - Flight of the Frenchies

Ever heard of skylining? Neither had I, until one of my guy friends suggested we watch a documentary about "hot chicks doing crazy shit." Dubious to say the least I agreed. Turns out skylining is an extreme adrenaline junkies dream combining tightrope walking, slacklining and base jumping. As to be expected there are plenty of guys into the sport, but a[...]

The Icebergs, Sydney

When I think of Australian beaches, it’s usually beautiful stretches of sand, rolling luscious surf, babes of both gender laying out to bake, and the odd irrational but understandable fear of jellyfish, sharks, etc lurking in the unknown depths. I love the beach, but sometimes when you want to get some serious swimming done and get that blood pumping, a po[...]

Dutch to build fake mountain for winter sports

I don't know if you've ever been to the Netherlands but if you have you might have noticed its pretty flat; in fact I'd go as far to say that it's probably the flattest country on earth. This is no way a disadvantage if you enjoy a leisurely cycle in the countryside or a steady walk as you never get out of breath however it's a bit sucky if you're fond of [...]

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