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Book your stay with Yonderbound

There is no question - booking accommodation is my least favourite step when preparing a trip. Usually I try everything to find a friend of a friend who will let me crash their couch, but that of course doesn't work all the time. Sometimes I need to find a real bed, and then the endless search begins. There are so many things to consider: how much money d[...]

The Travelettes Wish List 2015

Personally, I have never been a big fan of bucket lists. With every "20 places to see before you die" and "10 once in a lifetime trips" I shudder at the fact, that some few experiences (like seeing the Taj Mahal or hiking Machu Picchu) are deemed to be more valuable than others (like seeing the Victorian necropolis in Glasgow or hiking Sambock in South Tyrol[...]

6 Ways Prague Will Romance You

Originally I was going to name this post “6 Ways Prague Will Romance The Pants Off You”, but I thought I’d try and establish some dignity to begin with. However, Prague is an insanely mysterious and beautiful European city that will have you swooning at every gothic corner, straight onto the quaint cobble-stoned ground. The capital of the Czech Repu[...]

Opera for all - the Arena di Verona Festival

When asked about their favorite love story I'm sure many people would pick Romeo & Juliet right off the bat. There simply is an irresistible charm of the idea of two young lovers in Italy that has people fascinated. Surely that love story was the main reason for my excitement when I first traveled to Verona a few years ago. I wandered the streets wonderi[...]

Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

From a young age, I’ve always had a deep curiosity for the country of Egypt. A place steeped with such infinite history, exotic legends and myths, strolling camels, rolling deserts, enigmatic pyramids and impressive temples is sure to capture any imagination, and after avidly watching Indiana Jones in my youth, Egypt solidified as a place of beauty and mag[...]

5 Reasons to travel Europe in Winter

July - summer is spoiling me with eternal sunshine, my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with my friends' beautiful holiday snaps and all my clocks are switched to wanderlust, but there is one thing missing: time. I know at least one other Travelette who is in the same situation and will instantly raise her hand on this - at this point let's a[...]

A Tent for Travelettes

Camping makes my heart beat faster - bonfire, BBQs and picnics, a comfy sleeping bag, being woken up by the sun and watching a beautiful sunset over the hills. That a camping trip does not always work out that way has been stated before, but ever since I moved to the UK I realized that the cooler temperatures of the north make for a very pleasant camping exp[...]

If I ever won the lottery...

Let's be honest, do you ever lie in the sun in the park or your balcony with your eyes closed and dreaming of the Caribbean sun kissing your skin? Of exploring a faraway and hardly accessible place? Of deciding on a trip and actually leaving the next moment? Of spending all your time with adventures and friends instead of your computer and boss? I am perfect[...]

Try walking in my shoes

There is no denying it, the life of a travel blogger comes with many perks. We get to go on trips to amazing places, meet people we'd never normally have met and every once and so often we get to test drive cool stuff. Still my girly favorite product to review: shoes. The popular Spanish brand Camper has invited me to literally walk in their shoes for[...]

Likes for (e)bikes!

If you've been following travelettes for a while you will know this: we love biking. I just recently wrote about an awesome bike ride through Italy's beautiful town Assisi and Kathrine has repeatedly mentioned bike excoursions as a fantastic summer activity (for example here and here). I just got back from sunny Cairns in Queensland, Australia where I spe[...]

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