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Why I am Not Afraid to Travel Alone (Anymore...)

Are your friends too busy to travel with you? Have you considered solo travel, but your fears are holding you back? I was scared too before I finally booked my first solo trip, and afterwards I wondered why I waited so long. It's perfectly normal to be afraid to travel alone, but it shouldn't keep you from living the life you want. Here's a girl's guide how[...]

Going Solo Vs. Travelling With Friends

Thinking of that next big trip, but concerned about being on your own? Secretly afraid that upcoming BFF vacation might have you all at each other’s throats by the end of it? Like most things in life, the choice between traveling alone or with others is full of tradeoffs, with pros and cons on each side. While only you can evaluate the specifics of your r[...]

5 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Traveling Alone

I used to think that solo traveling was reserved for 'people without friends'. If you had asked me five years ago where I pictured myself today, I would never have dreamt of a life where I would be traveling the world completely on my own - and enjoy every minute of it. I would have never thought that traveling solo would be my preferred way of disco[...]

How to Start Travelling After a Break Up

A break up is the start of the rest of your life. It’s up to you what this ‘rest of your life’ will bring. My 5-year relationship ended over a year ago now and with a lot of soul-searching and hindsight I can see it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Although there have been times in my journey where that’s definitely not seemed the case. In[...]

Tips for the First Time Solo Traveler

It's raining outside in New York City as I sit at my favorite local coffee shop, Madame SouSou, in Astoria and write alongside a foamy cappuccino and mason jar of pink roses. As the petals fall on my keyboard, swirling around with the wind sneaking in from the front door, I find myself somewhere between nostalgic reflections of my first time solo traveling[...]

Looking Back: What Inspired My First Solo Trip

I recently came across a reader's question about why people choose to solo travel. Beyond the usual reasons of discovering new cultures and destinations, this reader was curious about why one would opt to board a plane sans partner or friends. As I reflect back on my solo traveling in Argentina and look towards my future solo trips to Morocco and Vietnam, I [...]

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