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Slow Travel in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has the perfect combination of white sand beaches, lush green mountains, ancient temples and bustling towns, all within close proximity of each other so you can travel slowly and savour the experience. Last July I spent three wonderful weeks in Sri Lanka with my husband and teenage son. With family in tow, there's no point rushing from sight to[...]

Exploring Slow Food in Carinthia, Austria

Are you a foodie? Do you know where your food comes from? I went on a trip to Carinthia to learn more about slow food and how to incorporate a healthy relationship with food into my busy daily routine (that usually doesn't leave a lot of time for hours and hours of cooking). Now this has been my second trip to Carinthia in just three months and I've been [...]

10 Things I Learned From Hitchhiking

Let’s get this out of the way now: Yes, I hitchhiked. Yes, alone, yes, I’m a girl, yes, I’m under 25. Actually, I was under 20 when I started. Those of you who are hitchhikers as well will think this is nothing special, boring even: of course you hitchhike. How else would you get to discover tons of places at a time in your life when your bank account [...]

The Importance of Slow Travel

I rush a lot of things in life; waking up in the morning, assignments, eating, talking on the phone – mainly because I want to get things done quicker, to fit more things into my day. But there is one thing I don’t rush, and that is travel. I try to travel as slow as possible; the longest distance for the longest time. I never want travel to end and so [...]

Should we travel More or Less?

What kind of question is that? I am a travel blogger, I love to travel and explore. Of course I should travel more, see more, discover more. And then tell you all about it and inspire you, so you can do the same. It's an incredible privilege to have the passport that I have, and the opportunities to connect my passion with my work. But is that really the [...]

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