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10 unmissable experiences to turn your first solo trip into a life-long memory

I recently went on the first holiday in years. Now, you might wonder whether I've lost my mind - because clearly I am a travel blogger who travels a lot and goes on 5-10 trips per year. And to an extent that is true - I travel loads, get to experience different cultures and countries and share my experiences here and on my own blog. But that's not a holiday.[...]

Finding Love in San Francisco

I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to San Francisco, CA. The trip was all about love, but not in the two-people-fall-in-love kind of way; it was about one woman (me) and one city (San Francisco).  I have been to the City by the Bay before as a tourist on my first ever solo trip, as a cheerleader when my mom ran the Nike Women's Marathon, and as a tour[...]

6 reasons why travel can break your heart

The other day I wrote a post called, "Why I hate travel". Before you gasp and shoot me accusing looks, hear me out! No, of course, I don't really hate travel, I love it too much to actually hate it. But there are certain aspects of being on the road a lot that I really dislike. I am not talking about crappy airline food (I happen to be a big fan of some [...]