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Gone Sea Kayaking: A Weekend in Oban

It is not often that we get an exceptionally sunny and warm Spring weekend in Scotland, but when it happens I am the first to get long for adventure. Not too long ago it was such a weekend, so my boyfriend and I rented a car and drove north. We had our minds set on a little Scottish coastal town not too far from Glasgow but special enough to get away from i[...]

10 Awesome Kayaking Spots in Australia

It's the perspective that can turn any boring every-day thing into the most spectacular experience ever - like the bird's-eye view of your hometown when you approach the airport by plane, or slowly cycling along a road that you usually zoom along in a car or bus. Suddenly you become conscious of details you never noticed before, and somehow this place you t[...]

The Scottish Highlands: In Heels and Hiking Boots

Born in landlocked Austria the sea and all countries with a long coastline have always fascinated me. Family holidays to Greece were the highlight of my childhood, but trips to the islands of Denmark and a cruise along the Norwegian coast consolidated my love for the Northern shores. Ever since I graduated from high school Scotland has been my dream - the lu[...]

Sea Kayaking for Beginners

Lately, I have been telling you a lot about the unpredictability of the Scottish weather and how to get used to it. Ironically, lately I was proven wrong by consecutive sunshine, but no way to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I love playing outside in the sun - just I could not do that, all tangled up in end of term deadlines and library sessions. I could not w[...]

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