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Coronavirus: How to travel safely during the Covid-19 outbreak

At times of an outbreak, one of the first approaches to containing it is minimizing travel. For this reason, cities across China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy are currently imposing travel bans to minimize the spread of Coronavirus. However, tickets have been booked, time has been taken off work, and many flights are still "business as usual". So should y[...]

How to keep your home safe when you travel

Spending over a third of the year traveling, I am often away from home for weeks and months at a time. I feel lucky that so far nothing bad has ever happened, but every once in a while I hear stories from friends and acquaintances about robberies and those stories are usually pretty scary. So far I have had to rely on my own optimism and trust that everythin[...]

My Friend was Kidnapped By a Taxi While Traveling

It was 11pm, I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling of a seriously lacking hotel room in Panama City. My friend had left earlier to go out dancing. It was our first night in a new city and we were just starting our 3 week adventure in Central America. I was too tired that night to go out with my friend. After debating whether she should go alone or no[...]

6 Safety Tips for Women visiting Morocco

Morocco - a dream for many, especially solo traveling women who are longing for the colours, tastes and sounds of Northern Africa. But is it safe to travel here as woman? As this is one of the most frequent questions we are being asked by our readers, we thought, why not ask an expert? We invited Amanda Mouttaki, an American expat based in Marrakech to shar[...]

Is Cape Town Safe for a Solo Female Traveller?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous. Sure, I had travelled alone a lot in the past, and sure I’d been to Tanzania the year before to volunteer for a few months in communities that were less than touristy. But this was South Africa, and the barrage of travel advisories and my nervous father were not convinced of my safety there, nor did[...]

How to stay safe and comfortable in Namibia

The elephant flapped her ears, pawed the ground and looked very annoyed. The eyes of all the occupants of the six vehicles present swept from the elephant at the waterhole to the newly arrived (and apparently offending) Land Rover. We waved our arms trying to get the driver’s (not the elephant's) attention, drew fingers across our necks and mimed turning a[...]

10 safety tips for travelers

Few things are better than coming home from your travels with new insights, vivid memories and an SD card (or film roll) of amazing photographs. However, few things are worse than coming home without your valuables or earlier than planned due to unforseen circumstances, health issues or theft. A lot of things can go wrong when you travel, and subsequently[...]

Travel safety - pick your destination carefully.

Us travelettes are strong independent female travellers who know what we want and have a lot of fun trying to get it. That means that we have our heads screwed on when it comes to picking our travel destinations and how we go about our travels. It might be the “uncool” thing to talk about but hey, safety and security when you are travelling abroad is not[...]

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