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What Travel Did for my Body Image

I have always liked being active and staying healthy. When I lived in America, I went to the gym six days a week in the winter and alternated gym days with running outside in the summer. I loved competing against myself for running times, pushing myself in high intensity cardio workouts, and lifting heavy weights to define my muscles and keep my metabolism h[...]

Foreign Cities by Foot: 6 Reasons Why Travellers Should Run

The positive effects of running are endless: the heightened moods, increased level of happiness, and of course the endless array of physical benefits. Running in a foreign city is also the most incredible way to learn how a culture moves. Every step will lead you out of your comfort zone and into an up close and personal look at the world beneath your feet. [...]

The Travelettes' 10 best tips for a fitter holiday

When we travel, there is always an occasion for a drink and sometimes unhealthy delicious food. We're on holiday after all, and need to try the country's specialties! Trying the local food at hand and praising it to the locals is a great way to make new friends and getting to know the culture a bit better.  This is not a problem if you're gone for a short[...]

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