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NYC's High Line: an elevated oasis

Although I l have lived in a major metropolitan city for close to a decade, I still consider myself a country girl at heart, and my favorite places in cities tend to be areas where the natural intertwines with urbanization. Not long ago I spent a week visiting my recently transplanted friends in New York City, and got to spend a day walking the High Line, a [...]

Two girls, two islands, one campervan: Camping it up in New Zealand

“Dude, where’s my bra?” I called out to Betty on more than one occasion during our two week road trip around New Zealand. It’s not that I usually have to ask my best friend where my underwear is but when the two of you are living out of the back of a van for two weeks it becomes very easy to lose and misplace important items. I'll be honest. I hadn't r[...]

Farewell 2011

OK, so we can all have the basic and boring New Year resolutions of “lose weight”, “hit the gym”, “smoke/drink less”, “hug grandma more” etc etc, but with 2012 being the year that the world supposedly ends… surely we have to live life to the fullest?? Make the most of every month of our lives and embrace it like it’s our last?? Do you want to know what is[...]

Rocking the Slope in Switzerland

A couple of weeks ago, me and my friend Rabea went on a very special road trip. Through a country that is not exactly legendary for doing road trips in - Switzerland. We flew into Zurich and from there got a rental car which we drove to ski paradise Laax, then self-proclaimed city of lights Lucerne, then on to a small but wonderful place called Adelboden and[...]

Damn, mothertrucker!

Welcome to my new Motorhome: Pfffffft, I wish! This 40-foot long luxury motorhome, dubbed with the catchy name ‘eleMMent Palazzo’, is at the affordable price of $2.9 million and is pretty much a mansion on wheels. It was created by Austrian company Marchi Mobile and just take a look at the inside and you’ll understand how it’s the world’s most expensive m[...]

The Contiki Guerilla Army takes over Europe

A while ago, we posted about getting paid to travel and party, where Contiki Holidays was recruiting young, open-minded travelers to promote their brand at various music festivals throughout Europe. In return, participants would have the pleasure of traveling through Europe for 3 weeks, all expenses paid. Following the appeal, hundreds of you applied [...]

Roadtripping through South England

After having lived in London for a year, I finally found the time to go on a little roadtrip through South England and my expectations were absolutely exceeded. South England offers something for almost everyone; for nature friends, passionate surfers, hikers, photographers, food lovers, romatics and those who just want to escape the big city life for a whil[...]

The Unity Express - a once in a lifetime journey

My day job (oh yes, unfortunately this Travelette has to earn her crust before escaping to foreign paradises) is connected with innovation and sustainability so I’m constantly meeting with people who have great projects and ideas for the world. One project I came across recently is called The Unity Express and I thought that some of you might be interested i[...]

Win the ultimate American Roadtrip

Howdy travelettes, Did you ever dream about going on a road trip through the Southwest USA? I sure have been thinking about it ever since Katja shared her amazing videos (1, 2) and photos (1, 2, 3) from her American road trip with us. Now I you finally have the chance to win a 10-days-trip with trekamerica. Tour highlights include a Navajo guided 4[...]

Road Trip through Spain part 3: la fiesta de toros

The last stop of our whirlwind road trip led us to a region of Spain which technically can't even be described as such: Navarra is one of Spain's autonomous communities (like the Basque Country), fully equipped with it's own parliament and government. Some of the people living in Navarra even go as far as to refuse to speak Spanish with foreigners and insist[...]

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