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10 Healthy Hostel Meals to Feast on

Ah the life of a backpacker, eh? On the road, every day's a new adventure, flitting between hostels, living out of a suitcase... dealing with hostel kitchens. Sharing a kitchen with countless others can prove a bit problematic, what with juggling stoves, racing to grab the pans and dancing around each other during food prep... but it shouldn't stop you fro[...]

How to make authentic tasty Vietnamese Pho

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish that can be found all over Vietnam. Super cheap, authentic, fresh, healthy, everything you could ever want while backpacking! Coming from Melbourne and its fantastically diverse cuisine, I had tried the traditional noodle soup dish in the Vietnamese suburb of Richmond. I thought it was pretty good… but going to Vietnam [...]

Travel Recipe (serves one girl)

This is a quick and yummy instruction to travel baking. There are plenty of people who claim that their cake is the best, but with one bite of this one you will be flabbergasted. It is a rich moist travel cake with lots of different flavours able to let your tastebuds run wild!  There simply is no cake quite like it in the world, so try it and you will take[...]

How to.... make South Tyrolian dumplings

Whenever I travel there is an array of activities I like to seek out wherever possible. Things I love to do and experience such as rafting, biking, shopping, tasting local specialties and so on. Speaking of local specialties - what's the only thing better than tasting them? To learn how to make them yourself! So whenever I get to a country or region with par[...]

Frappé - coffee that tastes like a holiday

When in Greece, I always make sure that my next coffee frappé is not far away. There is just something about a glass of iced coffee topped off with a thick layer of creamy foam that I can't resist. And I am by far not the only one. In Greece, frappé is the most popular variation of coffee, loved by locals and visitors alike. Whether it be as a quick[...]

Making tortillas from scratch in Costa Rica

Tortillas are actually pretty easy to make from scratch, but no one ever suspects that.  So when I do decide to take the extra time to make them they are perceived as an impressive delicacy.  I mastered the art while living on an organic farm on the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica, where they are as much of a staple in everyday meals as [...]

French Chocolate Cake made easy

I can scuba-dive, speak french, spanish and a little bit of portuguese, I can tell you all about psychoanalysis and travel the world needing nothing but a camera, but goddamn - i can not cook. So up until this point, my contribution to international recipes for you guys has been rather hesitant non-existant, but there is one thing even I can make and that is[...]

Topfen, a Recipe from the Austrian Alps

This winter as I braved the elements across Europe, I settled for just under a month at a dairy farm a little ways out of Salzburg in Austria. I woke up every morning at 5am to help milk to 30 or so cows, spent the day doing tasks around the house, playing with my hosts’ son, taking small walks in attempts to glimpse the Alps through the fog, and desperate[...]

Cooking with Anna-Zoe: Vegetarian MishMash in Colombia

Anna-Zoe is our hope to one day become a 5-star chef who travels the globe and teaches her recipes to desperate housewives, indigenous, children aged 10 to 15 and everyone else who needs cooking lessons. inspirational and inventive, her cooking tutorials leave mouth nor eye dry.

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