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Kauko, the Internet café with a difference

. Kauko Café in Helsinki, Finland, is an Internet café with a difference. Instead of you heading to the café with your laptop to check your emails, work on a deadline or Skype a friend when travelling round the world, the experiences is reversed meaning that the actual café experience is controlled by the Internet! . Image here Confused? Well take [...]

The Shelf of Shame

I can't believe that I'm about to admit this but for many years now I've been a collector of seriously ugly holiday souvenirs. My collection boasts a wide range of magnets, corkscrews, snow globes, pin badges, ash trays (despite the fact I don’t smoke), shot glasses and thimbles. Oh and if it has glitter on I'm guaranteed to buy two. The last item to e[...]

The secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is usually high on peoples New York bucket list yet what if I was to tell you that this famous landmark has secrets that you don’t know waiting to be discovered? Located on the Grand Central Terminal dining concourse outside the famous Oyster Bar, the Whispering Gallery is an acoustic and architectural oddity that has to be played[...]

Carry your house on your back

So you know we like tents and alternative accommodation here at Travelettes, we're also fond of packing cheats and cool inventions so when I came across a product that combines all of these I got a bit excited (queue camping geek siren); introducing the Vessel; a reversible 3-in-1 jacket that converts not only into a backpack but also a tent! Designed [...]

Coney Island, home of the hotdog

Coney Island is one of those places that time forgot; a former island and beach holiday resort for New Yorkers, not much has changed since the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster made its debut on June 26, 1927. It was misty and muggy the day I made it down to Coney Island (as the photos might show) but that didn't stop the fun of walking along the boardw[...]

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