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20 Paulo Coelho Quotes to Set your Wandering Soul on Fire

Brazil has given us many gifts - caipirinhas on the beach, the insane yearly carnival, the samba, and Paulo Coelho, author of the best-selling novel the Alchemist. Coelho was born in the Brazilian sunshine of Rio de Janiero and brings all the sultry zest of Brazil to the ideas he spills onto his pages. I will never forget the first time a fellow traveler ha[...]

Travel quotes that you have never heard before

I recently stumbled upon a video in my Facebook newsfeed, and my friend's tagline 'I hope I don't come off like this' going with it, drew in my attention. In the video a girl, who has just returned from another exotic destination, visits her friend's home and meets two of his friends. While they question her about why she travels and how she's even able to a[...]

My favourite travel quotes

I’m the sort of geek that buys a diary because at the bottom of ever page there is some sort of humorous or inspirational quote to help kick-start the day. I really do love a good quote so I thought I’d collate 15 of my favourite travel themed quotes to share with you; 1. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tzu 2. All tra[...]

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