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An ode to writing postcards

Starting an article with a line such as 'When I was young' might potentially kill your vibe, but I'll still go for it and hope for the best. So... when I was (very) young the internet just wasn't that much of a thing (for most of us) and I would spend almost all of my pocket money on film rolls and stamps. True story. And even though my feelings for the [...]


As you know, we have started introducing you to our favorite traveling couples and decided to make this a series. Next up in our spotlight are Katie and Kevin of the amazingly creative blog Postcards from yonder, two American artists who left California behind to go travel the world, at the beginning of 2016. Katie and Kevin: The artists on the run Wh[...]

DIY: killing time during layovers with Sky Mall

The Sky Mall catalog is always one of the most interesting ways I find to occupy my time during long plane rides. I have this game I play with myself where I choose what item I would give to what friend. You know, if I was the kind of person who wanted to spend money on totally useful products like a cell phone wrist carrier instead of traveling. If you’ve[...]

DIY Sunday: The 5-minute postcard photo frame

Postcards can be super fun to send and receive, but what do you do when you have a stack of them? I've seen them displayed in various ways - from friends tacking a piece of string across the wall and hanging them from it to the neighborhood post-office using postcards to frame world map. I had the idea to use the postcards as a photo frame and now you can to[...]

DIY Sunday: Make your own Postcards

Post cards are to traveling what business cards are to people. They are the first indication of how your trip is going, a sneak peak into the good times you're hopefully having in a breath-taking environment. Before you return home and dish out those crazy stories to your friends, before you upload a gazillion photos to Facebook, the post card will have alre[...]

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