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9 realistic ways to beat jet lag

Jet lag is evil. Jet lag will conspire behind your back to ruin your first days of holidays, and then laugh at you. Jet lag wants you to feel sluggish (when you should be bursting with excitement), disoriented (when you really need to figure out that map) and wide awake at 4 am (when you should be resting for tomorrow’s adventures). Don’t let it! Jet lag[...]

Of lavatory selfies and seatbuckle portraits

When embarking on a long-haul flight and faced with the perspective of spending the next 10 hours stuck in the same tiny economy-class seat, most of us will attempt to combat boredom watching the latest releases, flipping through a magazine or listening to a few podcasts. The wild cats out there might even take advantage of the free airplane booze available [...]

Social Seating on Airplaines

Let's be honest: Traveling alone surely has its benefits, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to, to share travel tales with, to ask for advice on good coffeeshops at the destination you're flying to or even to hold your hand during flight turbulences. Last year we told you about the Hi Matic Hotel in Paris, where people staying at the hot[...]

When Travelettes Travel

When we heard about a travel bloggers conference happening in Innsbruck, Austria this weekend, we figured that this could be our excuse to take some time off rainy days at the Berlin office and instead doing some networking and maybe learning a thing or two, all while enjoying the sunny and gorgeous city of Innsbruck. Not all of us are here, only Kathrine, N[...]

20 things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed

During the last weeks, some of you might have been affected by delayed or cancelled flights due to bad weather conditions or strikes. While stranded at the airport because of unpredictable (or sometimes predictable) occasions, not being able to get home or away from home, bad karma is just around the corner and it is very easy to get angry at the world or th[...]

My favorite airlines

The first time I flew anywhere was 17 years ago. I was 10 and my classmates at the time told me my plane was likely to crash and i would land in the jungle with crocodiles eating me. I've since been a little scared of crocodiles. Air-travel won me on the day that a gorgeous blonde flight attendant handed me a free packet of pencils and a drawing book. The[...]

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