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Lighting up the Night Sea

Have you ever heard of the fluorescent plankton that lurks out in deep waters? The kind that lights up and glitters when you move through the water? To those who haven’t it may sound like some exotic magical occurrence, and even though I had vaguely heard of it, I had never quite fathomed what it would look like. But lo and behold, on my recent trip to Thail[...]

Brussels' flower carpet

Every two years pandemonium descends on the Grand-Place or Grote Markt of Brussels when almost 1 million flowers are used to create the worlds biggest flower carpet. The flower carpet is a well loved tradition in Brussels attracting many diverse people to the city centre for a cultural celebration of the colour and diversity of our city. . . 300 flowers[...]

Live stream New York

Known around the world under the iconic tag line as the city that never sleeps, New York has a reputation for being one of the most active, diverse and multicultural places in the world. It's a city that never fails to capture my heart and now, even if I'm physically far from there there is still a way for me to live stream one of my favourite cities. T[...]

Beach Life - Aerial Photography by Gray Malin

Finally I found summer! I was beginning to think it was going to pass Europe by but no it's alive and kicking here. Admittedly, here is down in the south of France where a wash out summer season is as unusual as a Frenchman missing out on his after work aperitif, but I have to say that it feels good to be somewhere warm and not too far from a beach. One o[...]

London from the rooftops

Being a Brit living abroad one of the first questions I get asked is "are you from London?". My face usually forms some unattractive snarl and I state very clearly that NO I am NOT from London and in fact I've only ever visited once for a day to get an emergency passport! I suppose I've never really felt connected to my capital city - maybe its because of my[...]

The Little People Project

“Abandoning Little People on the Streets since 2006” is the project's slogan, which is pretty mysterious and intriguing… but when you begin exploring this little blog, The Little People Project, the adorable art and photography that take the miniature figures around the world is captivating and you can soon lose a good couple of hours trawling through the ar[...]

Through the eyes of Hengki Koentjoro

Indonesia was always a place that had beautiful landscape that blew my mind: Stunning beaches, hypnotic rainforests, mysterious temples, hidden waterfalls… it is a tropical paradise that was immense to explore and backpack about in. I swear my camera hardly left my face as I attempted to capture scene upon scene of terrain, but as usual, it never looked as g[...]

10 Reasons Why Britannia Rules

Attention! Diamond jubilee fever is officially over after reaching its ultimate peak with the Queen's birthday yesterday. Stores have spent the last two weeks frantically stocking up on emergency supplies. 364 miles of bunting has been snapped up at Sainsbury's and Asda has ordered in a massive 2.8 million Victoria sponge cakes to supply the demand of the ma[...]

Art in All of Us - promoting cultural exchange

It’s rare that I meet someone who makes me travel envious as I think I’ve managed to accumulate a fair amount of passport stamps and international experiences for my 26 years as a Travelette but then I made the mistake of having coffee with Anthony! . As my morning coffee revealed, Anthony is amongst the very few who can say that they have been to every si[...]

Underwater worlds by Elena Kalis

Her facebook page reads "I am underwater photographer based in The Bahamas" and had I not already been familiar with the work of Elena Kalis I think I might hate her just from this statement alone – jealousy is a horrible thing! However my case of location envy is soon replaced by the sheer awe Elena inspires with her work. Quite simply, her photographs are [...]

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