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Cape Town - an introduction

Before visiting Cape Town for the first time I really did not know much about it. Every now and then I heard about a TV production (anything from "The Bachelor" to "Germany's next Topmodel") being produced there and that models and photographers went down there during the months of December to March (the South African summer) to shoot swimwear editorials for[...]

This blog makes me want to go to Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston. There is something in the name. It curls around the tongue and bounces against the teeth thanks to the combined "S" and "T" before finishing roundly and politely with "...ton", a nod to the Old English suffix for town. So who was Charles? (It was the English monarch King Charles II) And why is this his town? (I don't think the King needs an ex[...]

Photo-editing on the go with your Canon (SLR)

Voilaaaaa...  Did you know that creative Instagram-style photoediting can not only be done via your smartphone, but also with your Canon SLR camera? So switch off your smartphone (and stop worrying about high roaming charges) on your next trip because your Canon can do just that, in high resolution! The setting has been introduced in 2010 and is available to[...]

Discovering Porto

Having been seduced by its great street art, funky hostels, liquor and allround mysterious atmosphere, I've been yearning to visit Lisbon for a few years now. So imagine my disappointment when I finally managed to negotiate a week off work and can't afford the flight (€650 for a return with easyJet!!!) nor find a free bed in one of Lisbon's funky award winni[...]

The finest "doorporn" of London

I have become a woman obsessed. All I need these days is my camera, my two legs, my favourite city in the world - London - and enough time before the sun goes down. I then seek out my target; the doors of London. That's right, after a year away my time back in London hasn't been spent visiting friends and family who've forgotten what I look like, it's be[...]

Beauty lies within: Tarlabasi, the other Istanbul

Two of the things I most love about traveling are 1. taking photos of people and 2. discovering the unexpected. When I travel I often wander the streets,  studying people's faces, the way they walk, talk, interact. I wonder who they might be, inventing little stories for myself what sort of lives they might be living, whether they're happy, what dreams and a[...]

5 favorite male travel Instagrammers

If you follow us on our varous social media channels and you're the proud owner of a smart phone then I hope you've already had a chance to follow travelettes on Instagram as this is where we update you on all of our travels in real time. Some photos will be informative, others just plain beautiful showing off amazing landscapes, cool neighborhoods and inter[...]

Marrakech - Entering the Fairytale

  The first time i visited Marrakech I was 15. At the time my family and I were staying at a sprawling resort in Agadir, along the Atlantic coast and one day we decided to do the 3-hour road trip to see the Moroccan metropolis. I don't remember much, other than the intense August heat that numbed all my senses. To this day those 5 hours have burnt themselve[...]

Cosas Mágicas: A Guide to Tepoztlán, Mexico

What makes a destination truly magical? It is a combination of many things: natural beauty, culture, history, climate, locals, and that feeling that you just can’t put a name on. Tepoztlán, a small town south of Mexico City, is all of these things and more. The Mexican government recognized this and, rightfully so, bestowed  upon Tepoztlán  the title of “Pue[...]

The Ruins of Xochicalco, Mexico

"Xochicalco" can be translated from the ancient language of Nahuatl to mean "In the House of Flowers," and I am so happy I was able to visit it at the end of the rainy season, when flowers were blooming, and the grass was green. There is something very magical about ancient ruins, and that magic is only heightened when they are slightly overrun by the elemen[...]

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