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Fall Instagram Challenge - Recap #1

Do you feel the same, or is it only me that can't believe that we're already halfway through our current Instagram challenge? Once again I went to seek out my favourite contributions of the past 15 days - and believe me the choice is not always easy! I'd say one of my favourite days was the day before yesterday - day 14: What I'm thankful for. This topic [...]

21 Reasons to Love Rotterdam

I've come to learn from my time living  in Amsterdam that there are a few unwritten rules you must follow: 1. Speak English better than any native speaker. 2. Run over at least three tourists a year on your bike. 3. Hate Rotterdam. Well, unfortunately these are three rules I'm almost instantly going to fail at (apart from maybe no. 2, I'm on [...]

12 things you must do before summer's over

With autumn looming in the distance and limited time left of the summer’s sun, the great outdoors needs to be fully seized and enjoyed before it is too late! Road trips, camping trips, hikes, bike rides; all these things must be done before the miserable winter sets in and you regret your missed sunny opportunities. Don’t let that happen and don’t resign you[...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge – Final Recap

In the last 12 days of the #DailyTravelette Instagram Challenge you lovely travelettes have done an awesome job! Every day, hundreds of you have been submitting your photograph of the theme of the day and they have been bloody fantastic. From traditional street food to exotic currency, far away beaches to sign posts, you have all submitted some great shots f[...]

The Travelettes guide to packing for festivals

Oh Glastonbury. The iconic English music festival. The place to be in June where you can frolic in fields, listen to great music, see great fashion, party with friends (and strangers) and just generally have a fantastic knees-up in the old British countryside. You've probably been inundated with festival highlights and updates over the media waves as it is t[...]

Why We Love @MissUnderground

You never forget your first time. Your first time on the London Underground. Rude at rush hour, rowdy at night, reliably grumpy in the morning, using "The Tube" to navigate your way across London as either a resident or a visitor is a rite of passage. It's one of the things I love to miss now that I no longer live in London. Of course, when I actua[...]

Sand-tastic! The Sand Sculpture Festival in Brighton

As one of the few Travelettes that is permanently travelling (aka homeless with a suitcase) and the girl who wrote this post about being a world travelling digital nomad, it was somewhat of a shock to end up back in Britain for a few months for a few different reasons (not least, I'm an Auntie for the first time, yay!). It's even stranger that my current[...]

The Infamous Scooters of Vietnam

The scooters, mopeds and motorbikes of Vietnam are interesting. Definitely an experience... Scooters are in sheer abundance on the roads of Vietnam. There’s an estimated 3.1 million in the capital city of Ho Chi Minh (also known as Saigon) and the streets are crammed full of the buzzing two-wheelers. The roads are a semi-organised chaos with manic overtaking[...]

Websites we love: Humans of New York

We all know that the finest cities in the world - New York, London, Paris - are full of the finest people. And when I say "finest" I mean weirdest, of course. The strangest, quirkiest and most odd individuals who bring the city colour at night, sunshine in winter and keep the world turning. The Humans of New York is a website - nay, a movement - dedicate[...]

Walking the longest portico in the world in Bologna

I don't believe that moments of happiness lose sweetness over time and when I recently found some photos of my walk up the Portico di San Luca in Bologna last year I was reminded of this. Back came the happy memories of  a warm day in May last year, the peace and quiet of escaping a city centre, the gentle nods to those who passed me by and the thrill from p[...]

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