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The best club in Berlin (and it's not Berghain)

Before moving to Berlin for good I came here every once in a while, mostly to see friends and party like there's no tomorrow enjoy the occasional night out. On New Years Eve  2009 and with absolutely no expections a few friends and I went to a pretty new Club called .HBC. Right then, just one hour into the new year I stepped into what would become my new fa[...]

How to overcome loneliness when travelling alone: The find new friends approach

So, when you're sick of hanging out all by yourself it's time to get some new friends! Find new friends approach: Go somewhere you are sure to meet other travelers: like the hostel’s common room or bar. It's a safe one! Join a tour, pub-crawl or an excursion, there you are sure to meet others traveling alone. The wasted cheerful crowds I frequentl[...]

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