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Finding the real Morocco outside Marrakech

"You are all travelers; the tourists will go to Marrakech or simply stay in the resort town of Agadir, but what you are seeing now is the real Morocco." After days of winding mountain roads, small Moroccan villages and traveling from Marrakech to the Sahara, our Topdeck guide was gushing about the real Morocco so often overlooked by visitors to this cou[...]

Top 10 places to visit in the Balkans

I have never been especially proud to be French, but I always felt particularly lucky to be European. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to be able to hop on a plane for the weekend with only your ID in your pocket, fly to Barcelona, Rome, Porto or London and reach your destination in less than an hour. But in 2014, as I was looking through my atlas, my e[...]

6 Off-the-Beaten-Path Things to do in NYC this Summer

On days like these I adore New York City - these balmy afternoons when walking through Greenwich Village feels like I've stumbled onto the movie set of every idyllic New York-based film I've watched growing up. I am sitting in Washington Square Park on the edge of that center fountain that seems to double as the town's watering hole where red-faced locals a[...]

The Sunday market in Bac Ha, Vietnam

A weary bus ride up a windy road on a Saturday afternoon was finally close to its end, as we were creeping up into the small town of Bac Ha, Vietnam. It felt tiny and yet full of hotels - I certainly did not get any sense of character of its own. I wasn't sure whether I would have good time there. But once a new week started afresh on Sunday, the tow[...]

8 underground city trips in Europe

City trips are among my favourite journeys. Arriving without a plan or a map, just strolling around, chatting up local folk, asking them for recommendations and directions, following cool-looking people around, until I find the places I like. Diving headfirst into the subcultures of a city, rather than following the top ten list of some travel guide - bein[...]

Offbeat Travel: Clarksdale, Mississippi

Sometimes, in the course of your travels, you're lucky enough to stumble upon a place with just the right vibe. A place you go to not for its famous sights or fancy venues, but for its particular energy. A place that gets passed on from person to person, through the tales of those who have been before. A place where you immediately bond with the people you [...]

6 Sydney beaches off the beaten track

Bondi, Manly, Bronte… The gorgeous beaches that made Sydney famous the world over share the same characteristics: long strips of golden sand, voluptuous waves, turquoise to indigo shades of water… and also, sadly, a tendency to get atrociously crowded on beautiful summer days. And yet, with over 100 beaches sprinkled around the city, Sydney is definit[...]

Top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for 2013

As you can imagine Travelettes are always on the quest for the most extraordinary travel destinations worldwide and the annual travel trade show ITB in Berlin serves as the perfect arena for exactly this search. Katja and I battled our way through the jungle of trade booths for three days and hunted down the top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for[...]

London: Chess boxing and Hula-hoop burlesque

Last weekend I went to London for the first time in ten years, with the goal to reunite with some of my best friends from Norway, party like it was 1999 and work on my British accent. Despite my modest expectations I was pleasantly surprised to get introduced to two previously unknown sports: Chess boxing and Hula-hoop burlesque. When trying to imagine wh[...]

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