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The Dangers of Routine

Ding, ding, piercing ding. Wake up to the same jingle you’ve despised since college. Whip up breakfast, but quickly, because the snooze button set you back as usual. Shower even faster, speed to work and hustle through the same office doors you walk through every day. Every week. Every year. Routines are easy to fall into – they let you put y[...]

5 things I learned from moving with two suitcases

Being able to fit your life in two carrier bags is pitiful - at least that’s what the song “Streets of London” suggests. But what about two suitcases? Within the last two years, I have moved from my student town in Southern Germany to Leeds for five months, then back home, then to Berlin, most recently to Hamburg. Each time, it took me two suitcases to[...]

Beirut Diaries: The thing with new beginnings

The thing with new beginnings is that you can never be quite sure whether taking the risk was worth it until you’re all happy and settled in. I’ve had a lot of new beginnings over the years so I knew that feeling low without any legitimate reason in the first few days, questioning that entire decision and feeling like you’ll never fit in anywhere (pard[...]

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