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10 documentaries to change how you see the world

What I love about documentaries is that they open a window onto new people, places and cultures. Film makers can take you to locations that it might otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to access. And not only do documentaries give you the opportunity to learn about life in other places, but they also have the amazing capacity to change the way we see [...]

From Pole to Pole - around the globe with Steve Booker

Ads on YouTube are the no. 1 mood-killer when it comes to showing your favourite music clip or cat video to your best friend, right? We count the seconds until we can skip the ad, or curse loudly at the system when it's one of those 30-second-ads you can't jump... But today something happened for the first time - I actually didn't want the ad I was seeing to[...]

Poverty in Guatemala: Living on $1 a Day

It is snowing outside in New York City as yet another blizzard swirls around outside my window. As the snow piles up and temperatures drop, I sit cozy indoors wrapped up in the warmth of my living room and indulging in Hello Panda cookies (a childhood throwback) purchased at the nearby bodega while I write this post. I am fed, warm, have a roof above my head[...]

The Northern Lights: The ultimate light show

When I was young, one of the top things on my list of 'Things to do before I die' was to see the Northern Lights. I had heard of its beauty, seen its gorgeous colours on postcards, witnessed snapshots in documentaries but never really followed through on my aim in life, which I was so adamant about when I was twelve. I always thought they were a rare [...]

Capturing the Northern Lights

When the nights are long, and sunlight is scarce, there is one natural phenomenon that lights up my spirit. I'm talking about the aurora borealis (or northern/polar lights). Coming from Norway I've experienced this magic light a few times, but it never stops to amaze me. It is more beautiful than anything man can make, and not even the best fireworks in the [...]

Titanic Memorial Cruise - movie or disaster commemoration?

In 2012, 100 years after the deadliest maritime accident in peacetime history - the Titanic Memorial Cruise will set out on a journey in the “footsteps” of the original vessel. The ship will follow Titanic’s original itinerary from Southampton across the Atlantic to New York, and hopefully arrive intact. Personally, I find the thought of going on a cru[...]

Film tip - Eat Pray Love

Dear travelettes, If you can't afford a trip around the world, you can either read Katjas post on how to save money for traveling or you can accompany Julia Roberts on hers! Currently out at the cinemas, "Eat, Pray, Love" follows a true story about a woman, who after her divorce decides to go on a trip to Italy, India and Indonesia to take a holiday from [...]

Film tip - Babies

Dear travelettes, Babies is a type of documentary simultaneously following 4 baby girls from Mongolia, Tokyo, Namibia and San Francisco during the first year of their lives. Laughs and awe's are endless and I feel it is quite safe to say that I have never spent an hour and 19 minutes with more cuteness. There is pretty much no dialogue in there, it's all [...]

Our Top 10 Movies To Inspire Your Travels

Say, you decided to hit the road. Say, you bought a plane ticket. Say, you still have to wait for two looooong months till the Big Day of Departure finally arrives. Girl, it’s time to get yourself some popcorn, your favourite Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream (Cookie Dough, anyone?) and then work off this list of great travel movies. 1. Into the wild [...]

Desert Flower - a great movie and an important subject

Instead of going out last night, I decided to have a night in with some DVD's and my 2 boyfriends Ben and Jerry. For a long time I had been tiptoeing around the movie "Desert Flower", based on the life of Somali model and human rights activist Waris Dirie. In the past I had always heard nothing but rave revies about the book, so at least now I had to see the[...]

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