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6 ways minimalism will improve your travel experience

Approximately 5 years ago my packing and unpacking routine would look something like this: a couple of hours before I had to rush to the airport, I’d throw 20 kilos worth of clothes into my bag, 5 pairs of shoes, fancy clothes I hadn’t worn in years (but that I was sure to wear during my holiday), handbags, jewelry and lots of bits and pieces. I was alwa[...]

A Luggage-less Dance Across Europe with Clara Bensen

21 days. 8 countries. 3,500 miles. 1 green dress.  Have you ever boarded a plane with absolutely no baggage? Probably not, right? Clara Bensen did just that when she strolled through an international terminal three years ago with no itinerary, and nothing to hold onto except the guy (Jeff Wilson) she met on an online dating site. It all began in [...]

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