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One Week in Israel

Israel is different. This is probably the most adequate phrase to begin the summary of my one-week trip to this tiny but oh-so-fascinating country. Different in what way, you’re asking? For starters, different in terms of culture, obviously. One of the most peculiar things I experienced was Shabbat, which is the Jewish day of rest and lasts from sundo[...]

Beirut Diaries III: A city guide

Visiting Lebanon should be on everyone's bucket list. But instead of boring you to death with how much I love exploring it (again), I will introduce you to not just a few, but all of my favourite places in Beirut. Take out your notebooks and see whether some of the fascination jumps over to your side of the screen. Café culture  Dawawine is a cin[...]

Beirut Diaries II: Take me to the mountains

Do you remember my little moan about new beginnings last week? Well, that has turned into wanting to cancel my return flight and just stay. I've discovered the Lebanese mountains which you may have spotted on Instagram, took part in a few trips with an ecotourism club (mine was called Vamos Todos but there's a huge variety in Lebanon, they all offer differen[...]

Beirut Diaries: The thing with new beginnings

The thing with new beginnings is that you can never be quite sure whether taking the risk was worth it until you’re all happy and settled in. I’ve had a lot of new beginnings over the years so I knew that feeling low without any legitimate reason in the first few days, questioning that entire decision and feeling like you’ll never fit in anywhere (pard[...]

Travel Essentials for a trip to the Middle East

While American drones raining down on Pakistan and Yemen (bet you never read that intro in a travel piece) may disqualify them from being the ideal places for a female solo traveler, a large part of the Middle East is very much suitable for exploring and getting inspired. My no. 1 girl crush Sophia Bush recently made a trip through the Middle East and her li[...]

Dubai Do's

World's tallest building, largest airport, biggest mall – Dubai is a country that prides itself on its superlatives. Things here don't get done subtly, it's either go hard or go home and probably the best way to illustrate that to you are these 2 photographs: The one on the bottom shows Dubai in 2013, a skyscraper city, a weird Las Vegas of the Orie[...]

Hotels we love: The Chedi Muscat

In an ideal case scenario, what would be the best thing a hotel can do for you? Make you feel at home? Relax you? Introduce you to amazing people? Provide you with a new and extraordinary experience? Lead you into a whole new world? Whatever your answer to that question there is always a place out there that exactly meets what it is you are looking for. [...]

Through the eyes of... Teresa Berninger

I met Teresa while we were both studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary and quickly came to enjoy both her adventurous company and her quick-witted, observant photography. Though Teresa comes from a small town in the Southwest of Germany, she has traveled extensively around the world and now studying and living in Vienna, Austria. I admire Teresa's travels and [...]

Photo Tour through Istanbul

Istanbul is the only metropolitan city of the world, which is located on two different continents, being Europe and Asia. Its culture holds a lot of diverse aspects and you can discover new things around every corner. In the morning some of Istanbul‘s muezzins singers call for prayer with the intention to bring people closer to God and you can hear their s[...]

Ideas for Warm Weather Travel This Winter

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is fast approaching. Though some of us are still having sunny days and good weather, soon the inclement side of things will be rolling in. After ending up “accidentally” backpacking through central and Eastern Europe last winter, I can’t recommend anyone try to repeat this. Traveling is already challenging e[...]

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