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13 Awesome Things to do in Hong Kong

When I was a child I was fascinated by the exotic lure of Hong Kong. This ‘Fragrant Harbour’ consisting of a series of islands and a peninsula, brings together an exciting cultural blend of east-meets-west. Formerly populated mainly by fishermen, it is now one of the world’s global financial centres and flaunts its impressive mix of skyscrapers, co[...]

24 hours in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a small and quaint city that is stuffed full of brilliant restaurants, cafes, fashion and culture. If you haven't been to Estonia yet, you should seriously consider putting it on your hit list this year or at least duck into the capital's Old Town - even if you only have 24 hours in Tallinn. If you fly to the Baltic[...]

10 Essential Experiences in Ecuador

With a total of twelve countries spread across the continent, spanning from the tropical Caribbean Sea to the rough ocean at the southernmost 'end of the world', loads of mountains, forests and deserts in-between, South America is an incredibly diverse place to visit, and choosing where to begin is hard. One of the continent's smallest and way too often ov[...]

The Sunday market in Bac Ha, Vietnam

A weary bus ride up a windy road on a Saturday afternoon was finally close to its end, as we were creeping up into the small town of Bac Ha, Vietnam. It felt tiny and yet full of hotels - I certainly did not get any sense of character of its own. I wasn't sure whether I would have good time there. But once a new week started afresh on Sunday, the tow[...]

Why markets should always be on your itinerary

Over the years I have developed a good strategy for traveling new cities and new countries, and local markets have definitely made it onto the list of things to do when discovering a new place. I blame it on my students years, when travel money was short and spending it on admission tickets or eating in restaurants was rather a singular treat than a r[...]

Foodie heaven - the Thong Sala night market

Oh, how we Travelettes love Asia! The sun, the sea, the fashion, the people, the feeling of not knowing what the hell is going on at times and last but certainly not least, the glorious food! One of the best food experiences of my life coincidentally took place on one my of my favorite Thai islands, Koh Pha Ngan. Smack bang in the main hub and port of the[...]

The UK's amazing, travelling vintage fair

Roll up, roll up, the fair's in town! Ok, so if you're seeking a ride in the bumper cars and a face full of cotton candy, this might not be quite what you're looking for. But if vintage treasure and a bit of good, old fashioned entertainment's the name of your game, then this fabulous, travelling fair is your dream come true... The Vintage Fair slowly[...]

The Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town

What sort of reasons can you think of to want to travel to South Africa? Stunning landscapes? Beaches? Cultural diversity, maybe? Surely all those are very relevant on your list of things that make Africa's most southern country worth a visit but as I recently found out there is one more major reason why a trip to Cape Town or Johannesburg can not fall anyth[...]

Say hello to Portobello!

Hey, Christmas might be over but a little bit of self-gifting never hurt anyone, right? Street markets may be a dime a dozen in a city as bustling and diverse as London but only a delicious few have the kind of far-reaching reputation that can hustle in hungry shoppers from all over the world. Say hello to Portobello! This market is more of an amalgamation o[...]

5 Things to Know About Italian Markets

Better then any theater drama or movie comedy, the local market sums up everything Italy stereotypically stands for: the crowd, the noise, the friendly banter over espresso, the arguments about quality and pricing or the laughter by a glass of excellent wine and the infinite types of cheese, tomatoes and meat products. If you thought that Italians go to th[...]

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