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Crumpled City Maps

We all know that maps are probably one of the most helpful and in the same time one of the most annoying gadgets during travels. Ever found yourself in the middle of a busy street, during rain, trying to fold back that map that already falls into pieces? There could be better situations. To avoid this inconvinient situations, the relief is called "Crumple[...]

Get Smart with Country Games!

Lately, we seem to be talking a lot about various ways to satiate our desire for travel when it just isn't possible to pack our bags and leave home. Looking at travel-inspired fashion editorials and blogs, shopping online for unique world wide gifts, and planning your next trip are all high on the list. Another thing I like to do, which appeals a bit to my n[...]

Typographic Maps

As a graphic designer you can guess I am (at least a bit) into typography. I recently discovered an interesting mapping project, made by axis maps. They used hand-placed type to create two maps, one of Boston and one of downtown Chicago and I think they came out beautifully. I can only imagine how many hours it would have taken to accurately depict the stree[...]

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