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The Travelettes Guide to Travel Guides

Exploring the suburbs on your own, strolling the little streets, following no other itinerary than the path drawn by your steps, letting your nose take you to the tastiest local food... It does sounds like the best way to explore a city, doesn’t it? Except you may have too little time to figure out everything yourself. Or you might find yourself ravenously[...]

Meshu: turn your travels into beautiful jewellery

Have you ever heard of Meshu? If you love travel, jewellery and unique momentos then it’s about time you did. Returning from travels is bound to leave you feeling a bit blue. The memories will last forever, but what happens if you want to have a visible (and pretty) reminder? Fancy wearing your travels on your sleeve? Or perhaps you would prefer to have i[...]

It's nice to be alone in Paris and other maps

"Some people are stuck with terror at the thought of finding themselves alone and at a loose end in a big city, but we can't think of no better way to pass the time. It is an opportunity to explore, to get pleasantly disorientated, to rush past familiar sights and dawdle over only the things that you want to see" I read these words a couple of days ago on[...]

Sunday Worship - Maps of the World

The very first map ever was a painting in a cave and it showed not the earth but the night sky. It was found inside the famous caves of Lascaux and was dated back to 16.500 B.C. The earliest surviving map of the world is incised on a clay tablet and it shows, well, just a part of the world. The world seen by the Babylonians. But the maps which fascinate me t[...]

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station... But it sounds l[...]

Cartography love: One City, Five Hours

I recently stumbled across Oliver Jeffers' One city, Five Hours project on the fuckyeahcartography tumblr and immediately fell for his the simple and adorable illustrations. His illustrations were made to accompany the United Airlines magazine Hemispheres' One City, Five Hours series that gives a step to step guide to how to spend a five hour layover in a[...]

Google Suggestions to Crossing Oceans

Google Maps has always been an excellent tool for the Travelette on an adventure. We've all done some version of the head in this direction for X amount of time, hop onto this ferry and head north towards that street at one point or another. Google Maps has, more or less, done well in leading us from city to city, region to region, and even country to countr[...]

It's Mapnificent!

I am currently searching for a new flat in Berlin. Other than wooden floors, a balcony and cool bars in the area, an important criteria for me is a short way to my day to day hotspots, such as the Travelettes office, friends' apartments and my favourite breakfast place. While checking Google maps for those distances from and to the apartments I was looking a[...]

The been there, done that map

When I was just a small Travelette, my father used to have this giant map of Europe on the wall of his home office. Our hometown had a pin with a ribbon on it. Every few centimeters the ribbon had a knot to symbolize every 100 miles of distance to the pin. This way he could quickly see how long it would take him, as a hobby pilot, to fly anywhere in Europe. [...]

Traveletty DIYs with Maps

I love old maps but besides displaying them as art, I just have them folded up and stored in folders or boxes. I guess the most of us had a giant world map in their teenage room to dream about foreign countries and adventures. But we have to admit: that wasn't the most stylish decor next to pine tree furniture, spice girls posters and neon teddybears. So I a[...]

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