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6 sights you have to see on your first trip to New York

When hitting up New York City, you can feel overwhelmed when trying to pull an itinerary together. If you're on your first trip to the Big Apple, you just have to give in to the fact that you'll barely see the tip of the iceberg and will have to head back for another good nose around. It's a magical city that never sleeps, with fun around every corner and de[...]

Manhattanhenge: Here Comes the Sun!

Four times a year, the setting sun aligns with the Manhattan street grid and creates a steel image that resembles the Stonehenge in England. New York sees many beautiful sunsets each year, but this one is special: During the so-called Manhattanhenge, the sun sets on the east-to-west street grid of Manhattan, offering a glimpse of the sunset from Queen[...]

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