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Dear Ex-Boyfriend, Thank You!

At the time I lived in Los Angeles and my boyfriend had just relocated to New York. I bought a ticket to visit him for his birthday in July, but then it happened. We broke up in June. 'Crap!, I think. 'I’m certainly not gonna go to New York now, and I can’t get a refund. What am I gonna do with this plane ticket?' I thought about going somewhere else, but wh[...]

Would you move abroad for love?

The thought of moving abroad for love is a terribly exciting and romantic affair, but would you actually do it? It's the ultimate risk taking adventure as you're putting all your eggs in a basket and jetting off to potentially start a life with someone who you have only shared a 'holiday' with, but if you live life without following your heart every now and [...]

Couples Who Travel: Savi & Vid

As you know, we have started introducing you to our favourite traveling couples and decided to make this a series. Next up in our spotlight are Savi and Vid, two urban gypsies traveling with style. Do you know another couple who is traveling the world and blogging about it? Or are you one of them? We'd love to get your input as we're always looking for ne[...]

Couples who travel and blog: Michael & Alex

Earlier this month I introduced you to our first traveling couple, Clo and Clem, and told you about their off-the-beaten-track adventures. To continue this series of travel, love and blogging, meet Michael and Alex - and fall in love yourself. The picture perfect all-American duo I found Michael and Alex as I was scrolling down through my Instagram feed la[...]

Stories of Travel and Love

Falling in and out of love belongs to traveling like collecting stamps from foreign places in your passport. Hands up, who has never met 'the love of their life' (or the moment) on the road – or at least helplessly lost their hearts to a city, a country or an area. I am certainly guilty of scattering splinters of my heart wherever I go, and sometimes those s[...]

Couples who Travel and Blogg: Clo & Clem

A few months ago, as I was watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in Montenegro, something happened. I looked around me, and noticed I was surrounded by couples. They looked genuinely happy, and suddenly, I felt lonely. I started wondering if I would have enjoyed this moment more if someone had been with me… And then, for a short moment, I envied them. B[...]

How to Start Travelling After a Break Up

A break up is the start of the rest of your life. It’s up to you what this ‘rest of your life’ will bring. My 5-year relationship ended over a year ago now and with a lot of soul-searching and hindsight I can see it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Although there have been times in my journey where that’s definitely not seemed the case. In[...]

Falling for Someone While Solo Traveling

I blame it on Lonely Planet. Had I not grabbed that Buenos Aires guidebook in my hostel and sat down next to the handsome Italian with the certain je ne sais quoi I would have never gotten involved beyond a cursory glance and passing smile. Yet, I did get involved and as is the case with travel in general, I let myself drink the Kool-aid of a romance found o[...]

10 Lovely Gifts for your Valentine

Like it or not, for many around the world February is the month of love and appreciation - it's the month of Valentine's Day. Old-single-me I am, I never got myself too excited about this day of the year - isn't it all just an invention by the greeting card industry so they could make money off our social expectations and blind acceptance of yet another 'fes[...]

Capturing Love and Travel: The Lens Between Us

Happy Valentine’s month! Whether your little eyes light up with love hearts over V-Day or whether you hate it with a fiery passion, it’s hard to miss this red card and candy holiday. In fact, I’m pretty sure that as soon as the January sales bite the dust, retailers wheel out the satin hearts and cuddly bears to remind people of their next big expenditure le[...]

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