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5 books to add to your autumn reading list

I was in Edinburgh last week and found myself with an hour to kill at Waterstones and oh, how the pile of books on my arm weighed more every minute. I only realised at the counter that I had my pile pretty much only contained political or at least non-fictional books which is usually not my go-to genre. But in all honesty, we live in times that call for [...]

Our 6 favorite books this spring

Spring in Berlin is currently taking a serious break, hence I've stocked up on books before summer will swallow me completely. The selection I've piled up is surprisingly deep and perhaps even dark, but every book covers an extremely important issue that I think deserves some attention and wine-fuelled discussions with friends. When I've finished every book,[...]

The Travelettes Winter Reading List 2015

Ladies, there's no denying of the fact that winter has come upon us. Being forced to spend that bit more (or, let's face it, all our) time inside has the lovely side-effect that we can finally catch up on the novels we didn't manage to get through this year despite the best of intentions. There were mountains to climb, oceans to swim and kisses to blow af[...]

9 Books to Read Before Going to Ecuador & Galapagos

For me, there is little in life I like better than travel, but books come damn close. If you combine the two the world becomes your oyster. How wonderful is it to escape to faraway countries, meet foreign people, and walk paths you have never walked before? Whether in reality or through a story? I don't think I am the only one because otherwise books like[...]

Travelette of the Month: Charlotte Eriksson

When Charlotte Eriksson recently told us the story behind her music and writing, we knew that you guys had to meet her! Charlotte is a Swedish singer-songwriter and author who left home at the age of 18 to pursue her art, and has been a constant traveler since. In between publishing her new short story collection ('Another vagabond lost to love', which imme[...]

5 Great Airport Reads

It’s 6 a.m. I’m elegantly gracing the sticky floor of Stansted Airport while waiting for a delayed flight and I’m praying hard that recently introduced ‘revolutionary’ changes to certain low-cost Irish airline will keep people from rubbing charity scratch cards or that bargain of a £5.99 coke into my face. Good morning. I’m Caroline, not quite [...]

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