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Berlin Lifestyle - how 10 randomly chosen Berliners work, travel and dress

If you’re an avid reader of this website, you’ll have noticed a great little series we are currently running on the subject of „The New Style Of Business… IN MY CITY“ . The theme was suggested to us by HUAWEI, who have just launched the campaign for their new HUAWEI MateBook, a slim, super stylish and ultra-multitasking cross between tablet and lap[...]

The Dangers of Routine

Ding, ding, piercing ding. Wake up to the same jingle you’ve despised since college. Whip up breakfast, but quickly, because the snooze button set you back as usual. Shower even faster, speed to work and hustle through the same office doors you walk through every day. Every week. Every year. Routines are easy to fall into – they let you put y[...]

Could this be the Number One Summer Accessory?

It's the same problem each summer. I have nothing to wear, I need an entirely new wardrobe and an essential part of that is the perfect pair of sunglasses. With a whole 3 seasons in between I can't get myself to muster up the same level of excitement for the stuff I wore the previous year and so I often spend a considerable amount of time in the first part [...]

5 Things to Know About Italian Markets

Better then any theater drama or movie comedy, the local market sums up everything Italy stereotypically stands for: the crowd, the noise, the friendly banter over espresso, the arguments about quality and pricing or the laughter by a glass of excellent wine and the infinite types of cheese, tomatoes and meat products. If you thought that Italians go to th[...]

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