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Learning Bahasa Indonesian in Paradise

When traveling to foreign countries where the language is literally so foreign, I found many tourists speaking LOUDER and s.l.o.w.e.r to the locals in a bizarre attempt to get understood. It seriously annoys me every time I see a traveler rudely turn their back to the waiter/market stall owner, throw up their hands and announce to their partner, “He ju[...]

Tips on finding the right language school

You love traveling? Maybe even staying in one place for a bit longer than just a few days in order to feel the atmosphere?  You adore shopping at the supermarket around the corner, bargaining at the local market and flirting with this cute bartender working at your new favorite café? There is just one problem: Communication. Speaking the local language fac[...]

On Practicing a Foreign Language from Home

Learning a new language is never easy. What can be harder than learning, however, is keeping up your new language once you stop taking class or practicing. If you happen to be learning a language on site in a country where it’s spoken, you never leave the classroom. Sometimes it can be hard to work up the courage to converse in a language that is difficult[...]

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