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Portugal: the ultimate winter escape for families in December

People, I have a secret. A true insider tip and an answer to a question my timeline is full off once the end of summer rolls around. The question is: What's an easy to get to place that is still warm in December? The answer is here, friends. It's Portugal. The Algarve is a lovely stretch of land in the South of Portugal that  will usually still get over 20 [...]

Top 10 things to do with kids in Bali

As every year I knew well into 2017 that I was not going to spend the following winter in Germany. In fact, I haven't spent an entire winter in Europe for the past 13 years, why break with this tradition? Knowing I would be traveling with my 3-year old I opted for a place I had only been once many years ago but kept hearing wonderful things about: Bali. A[...]

An insider tip in the Alps: Haus Hirt in Bad Gastein, Austria

There are at least 2 excellent reasons for this blogpost which has been a long time coming because this trip actually dates back a few months at this stage (6, to be precise). However, I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to tell you all about it because this place, called Bad Gastein, is really something else. One. This is still a real insid[...]

How should we teach our children to travel?

I estimate I only have a few months of swearing and cursing left. Possibly less. My baby is due any day now and I'm told language skills will start to develop pretty much from day one and that within six months there's a small chance the baby will be making sounds that could be words. So, ideally, I don't want those first words to be the kind that would [...]

Kids in New York

In every country and every city I travel to, I observe how kids are treated by their parents, how they live and how they act. Understanding children is to understand adults, as an adult is nothing else but the product of the way the external world impacts on him as a child growing up. But the idea is not to go too scientific on you (I hold an MSc in developm[...]

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