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Off-Road in Aruba: 8 Can't-Miss Adventures

Off the northern coast of Venezuela lies the white sand beaches and cotton candy turquoise waters of Aruba. At first sight Aruba is all cocktails and cruise ship tourists, but there is so much more to its windswept beauty and rugged interior crawling with blue-bellied lizards. Until October 2010 Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles (along with Saba,[...]

Jeep for sale!

Jeep for sale, ideal for backpackers, comes with mattress + camping gear, Australia tested and absolutely safe, searching for kind owner to share an adventure! Year in, year out, this exact listing hangs on pin boards in Australian backpacker hostels, usually boasting a picture of me beneath it. A real beaut - washed, buffed and looking like new, ther[...]