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Nina’s 5 countries through Instagram

It's not a secret that us Travelettes are addicted to photo sharing app Instagram big time. You already saw Katja's, Frankie's and Yvonne's favourite travel shots through the lens of their smart phones and now it's my turn. Since joining the Instagram community just over a year ago, I've already collected over 800 photos from around 10 different countries, s[...]

5 cities through Instagram

Something the Travelettes love to do when they travel is to always capture the special moments. That way we get to keep them with us forever and can share them with our friends, family and you. One of the most direct and fastest ways of doing that is by using Instagram. For those who don't know, Instagram is a bit like Twitter for photos. You take one, apply[...]

Get your iPhone ready for travelling

As I recently became a member of the ever growing iPhone community and had a trip to Norway coming up, I did some research on iPhone travel. I knew my new gadget will be a helpful buddy on the road. But safety first! As we all know, Data Roaming can be very expensive. There are horror stories of guys who had to pay more than a thousand bucks after their trip[...]

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