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The Travelettes Instagram Challenge - Fall Edition

We were absolutely stunned by how many people participated in our first Instagram Challenge back in August. We saw where you live, where you travel and what little things you cherish in your lives. Towards the end many of you pointed out how sad it was that it was already over. I don't know about you, but throughout September I felt less motivated and had a [...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge – Final Recap

In the last 12 days of the #DailyTravelette Instagram Challenge you lovely travelettes have done an awesome job! Every day, hundreds of you have been submitting your photograph of the theme of the day and they have been bloody fantastic. From traditional street food to exotic currency, far away beaches to sign posts, you have all submitted some great shots f[...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge – Recap #2

20 days after the launch of our Instagram challenge, we’ve had over 2,700 pictures posted with the hashtag #dailytravelette. Wow, girls (and guys, there also are some of you in the lot!), we are so impressed with your enthusiasm and, even more so, with your commitment! Going through with an Instagram challenge for a whole month is no walk in the park: as [...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge

Ever since Instagram came to be THE big thing we have all come across those 30 day Instagram challenges, asking you to post a pic per day according to a certain pattern. Every day there's a theme - makes me smile, something new, clouds and something green etc. There are also more me-centered ones like my hair, my writing and my outfit. There are fashion-them[...]

Why We Love @MissUnderground

You never forget your first time. Your first time on the London Underground. Rude at rush hour, rowdy at night, reliably grumpy in the morning, using "The Tube" to navigate your way across London as either a resident or a visitor is a rite of passage. It's one of the things I love to miss now that I no longer live in London. Of course, when I actua[...]

The Ultimate Romantic Travel Instagram project

Russian photographer, Murad Osmann, found that both his passion for photography, travel and his love for his girlfriend could form the perfect Instagram photography project. “Follow Me To” shows an intimate journey of Osmann’s journey through the world being trustingly led by his mysterious beloved who never shows her face, all on his Instagram account @mura[...]

Photo-editing on the go with your Canon (SLR)

Voilaaaaa...  Did you know that creative Instagram-style photoediting can not only be done via your smartphone, but also with your Canon SLR camera? So switch off your smartphone (and stop worrying about high roaming charges) on your next trip because your Canon can do just that, in high resolution! The setting has been introduced in 2010 and is available to[...]

Live stream New York

Known around the world under the iconic tag line as the city that never sleeps, New York has a reputation for being one of the most active, diverse and multicultural places in the world. It's a city that never fails to capture my heart and now, even if I'm physically far from there there is still a way for me to live stream one of my favourite cities. T[...]

Sophie’s Five Countries through Instagram

While recently looking through my passport, I've suddenly realised I only have three empty pages left despite it not needing to be renewed until 2018. Being well aware that some countries won’t let you enter if you don’t have a certain number of empty pages is a little worrying… but it’s made me reflect on the past few years of traveling. My passport is a mi[...]

Nina’s 5 countries through Instagram

It's not a secret that us Travelettes are addicted to photo sharing app Instagram big time. You already saw Katja's, Frankie's and Yvonne's favourite travel shots through the lens of their smart phones and now it's my turn. Since joining the Instagram community just over a year ago, I've already collected over 800 photos from around 10 different countries, s[...]

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